Weber 26 vs 22 inch Kettle Grills Comparison 2022

First! If you are thinking of owning a grill, you should choose between charcoal and gas grills. Well, this is the first test, and assuming you prefer charcoal, the next test will determine the size to suit your needs.

Yes, the size of the grill varies and is a very important factor to consider when shopping. As a member of the Texas City BBQ Association and a veteran who smokes and smokes, we have interacted with great brands of various sizes and Weber is one of them.

Weber products are readily available and if you need to replace anything on your grill, you can definitely find it at your local store. So today, we will see the difference between the exact Weber sizes 26 and 22 of the Weber kettle grill.

Weber 26 vs. 22 inch charcoal grill review and comparison

22 inch size

  • 363 square inch
  • cooking grate: plated steel, hinge
  • one time washing system: yes
  • Detachable, Re-catcher: Yes
  • Built-in lid heat meter: Yes
  • Shipping box: (H) 14.9 “x (W) 24.4” x (D) 24.4 “[19659002] Weight: 37.3 lb

26 inch size

  • 508 square inch
  • Cooking grate: Stainless steel hinge
  • Single washing system: Yes
  • Detachable, re-catcher: yes
  • Built-in lid heat meter: Yes
  • Shipping box: (H) 19 “x (W) 30” x (D) 30 “
  • Weight: 61.6 lb

I wonder which Weber kettle should I buy? Choosing between Weber Grill Size 26 and Weber Grill Size 22 is never an easy decision.

If you ask the person who used this grill, you will find that it is a split question. Most people are slanting towards each other, and there are good reasons for each choice.

There is a unique feature to help you decide which is the most valuable Weber charcoal grill based on your money and needs.

Weber 22 -Inch Premium Charcoal Grill

Weber Original Kettle Premium Limited Edition Charcoal Grill


  • Hinge dish grate-flips sideways when the grill is opened. This makes it easy to add charcoal. The plated steel grating provides enough space to cook for a family of 3-4 people.
  • Built-in thermometer – Another great feature you’ll see on the 22-inch grille is the lid lid thermometer.
  • Aluminum damper-This grille is equipped with three swiveling damper blades that control the air flow inside and outside the grille.
  • You can close the damper to the point where you want to slow down the fire.
  • Porcelain bowls and lids – With a 363 square inch smoking area, this space is enough to make everything go well. Porcelain enamel bowls and lids give convection smoking better results.
  • One-touch cleaning system – This system allows you to comfortably remove ash with one hand. If you move it horizontally, excess debris and ash will move towards the ash catcher for easy disposal.
  • All-weather wheels – Weber 22, named for the outdoor grill icon, is equipped with two. Wheels that can withstand all weather.

What the consumer says

Anyone who has ever used Weber 22 suggests that this charcoal kettle barbecue does a fantastic job when cooking. Like other products, some customers have also expressed negative comments on this grill.

The lack of a hinge is one of the drawbacks of this grill. Not bad to say with this grill, but most reviewers are happy with the product composition quality and performance.

Advantages / Disadvantages

  • Stand-alone assembly is easy.
  • Round design
  • The vents are adjusted so you can easily empty excess debris.
  • Hingeless cover
  • Bottom line
    22 inch kettle is a reliable baking equipment that can produce delicious brisket for the family. It may not meet all your needs, but if you are looking for a well-designed charcoal grill with a reasonable price in your pocket, this is the place to go.

Weber Original Kettle 26 inch charcoal grill

Weber Original Kettle Premium 26 Inch Charcoal Grill, Black


  • Hinged cooking grate made of stainless steel provides 508 square inch cooking space.
  • Insulated built-in handle, built-in thermometer and four air-conditioned damper vents.
  • Web Connection is installed to turn the grill into a smart grill hub.
  • One-touch cleaning system eliminates the hassle of removing ash.
  • 508 square inches of cooking space. Distant lid holder.

Customer feedback

The grill is easy to assemble and includes all tools and parts. According to customers, this grill works like a charm, so it’s a real deal. What makes this grill unique is that there is enough space for secondhand smoke.

However, because it comes with a standard leg that makes the grill slightly weaker, it should be on a level surface because of this. The advantages of this grille are: Heavy-duty stainless steel top grille grate and charcoal grate, temperature gauge thermometer and a large smoking grate enough to do everything

Advantages / Benefits

  • Equipped with a built-in thermometer
  • Maximizes airflow and maintains heat Designed to be perfect for outdoor chefs to cook.
  • There is a hinged stainless steel cooking grate that allows you to operate the coal without lifting the shelf. [19659040] There are three damper blades, which can dislodge the ash into a removable ash catcher when rotating.
  • There is a moderately sized grate on both sides of 508 square inches, which is enough to make a full brisket.
  • The base is weak.
  • Smoky taste in smoke food
  • Not ideal grill for seams
  • Floor line

Weber 26 inch grill is the only kettle with stainless steel grate. Other grilles use nickel-plated steel, which looks pretty when it’s new, but quickly rusts.

Now if you want equipment that can last, you can simultaneously serve all your BBQ needs. Weber 26 inch grill is a rescue equipment. The price of the 26-inch kettle is relatively friendly and everyone is free of charge.

Final Judgment

The tips above can be easily narrowed down to the best weber grille you need. In our view, the Weber 22-inch kettle is much better than the Weber 26-inch kettle. This is because the Weber 26-inch kettle does not have a side table that is essential for food preparation.

Another feature of the Weber 26-inch kettle is that it has a heavier lid than a 22-inch kettle. However, the weight of the cover is not a big concern for many, but it is something to consider.

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