The Bella Air Fryer 2.6 Qt for you.

Bella Air Fryer 2.6 Qt

BELLA Electric Hot Air Fryer, Healthy No-Oil Deep Frying, Cooking, Baking and Roasting, Easy Clean Up, Removable Dishwasher Safe Basket, 2.6 QT, Black

This one is manufactured by “BELLA” which has a great reputation in producing cooking materials like electric kettles, slow cookers, waffle irons, toasters, coffee makers, besides the air fryers. It doesn’t contain any unnecessary buttons or options. You’ll have to be bothered about the using procedure of this one.

Like all the top class air fryers you’ll get here delicious fried foods are where you’ll not experience any “Extra Calories & Unhealthy Fats.” You may use this Bella Air Fryer Manual fryer with relaxation as this one has the arrangement to let you know about the completion of the cooking function.

For its compact design and lightweight feature, you may place it at any corner of your kitchen without occupying many spacious spaces. Today we’re here to show you all the niceties of “BELLA (14538) 2.6 Quart Air Fryer.” Let’s start!


  • Like the other top-class air fryers, you’ll get here the most delicious output without “a smelly, oily mess.”
  • 6-quart basket of this air fryer is enough to hold so many raw food materials at a time.
  • For having “cool-touch parts” in this fryer you’ll be able to use this one safely & easily.
  • “1500-watt Circular Heat Technology” will ensure faster & precise cooking all the time.


  • Several common cooking presets are not in this air fryer.

Why may you choose this air fryer?

Bella Air Fryer 2.6 Qt
Bella Air Fryer 2.6 Qt

This air fryer is for meeting the needs of a larger family with the delicious output which will be free from “unnecessary calories & unhealthy fats.

A “2.6-quart basket has been kept here for adjusting the huge amount of raw food materials at a time and it is really effective in doing that job as you may place 2.2 lbs. of food at a time on it and cooking function will remain well. The fryer contains an indicator light for letting you know the completion of the cooking function.

“1500-watt Circular Heat Technology” of this air fryer is enough for producing the crispier output in a very short time. For having the “Cool-Touch Parts” on this fryer, you’ll be able to use this fryer safely.

It will reduce the oil from the food you’ll place inside the fryer for cooking and for this job this one is more efficient than the other air and deep fryers. For using Bella Air Fryer Manual so conveniently, you just have to set the timer and temperature after placing the raw food materials inside it.

Consider several features of Bella Air Fryer Manual

Before ordering this Bella Air Fryer Manual for you, you should consider several factors for being sure that this one will meet the needs of you. For ensuring that, you have to consider several important features of this one as follows-

The dimension of this fryer is 14.17 x 11.42 x 13.19 inches, while the weight of this one is 9.73 pounds. You may consider this fryer as a light weighted and less dimensioned one in comparison with the others.

It doesn’t contain so many functions or options for cooking something just you need to set the temperature and timer.

For cooking different foods properly this one has kept the arrangement to produce 175 Degree Fahrenheit to 400 Degree Fahrenheit.
Like other top-class air fryers, this one is not for oil frying. This one has the capacity to cut off 88% fat and 65% calories from the foods you’ll place inside for cooking.

On considering the features mentioned above, if it seems to you that this Bella Air Fryer Manual will meet the needs of you then you may order it for you. But for being sure that you’re about to choose the right one, check the ASIN Number- B01KI0Q1UY, and the Item model number- 14538, of this air fryer at least once.

How you may cook different delicious foods every day using this fryer

You’ll be able to cook different delicious fried foods using this fryer, but the question is “HOW?” In this stage of discussion, we’ll show you several guidelines towards this issue.

When you’ll get this fryer in hand you’ll see a piece of user manual with the ordered package and this package will show you all the details of the functions and options of this fryer. It is recommended to pore over the manual for understanding the using procedure comprehensively.

If everything is okay then you may place this fryer at any corner of your kitchen commonly people place such fryers or ovens at the kitchen for getting some extra convenience in using and in cleaning it.

After such placing of the fryer take a quick look at the outward appearance.

When you’re being introducing with the functions and options of the best rated air fryer, place the fryer in front of you. It will help you to keep the handle attached to the basket at your front side.

At the lower part of the fryer, you’ll get a fryer basket and a handle is attached with the basket for opening it easily. At the top of the handle, Clear Basket Lock and a release button are placed. The release buttons are using for opening the basket easily. So when you need to open the fryer basket for placing food just press on this button.

The fryer basket has two parts and these are “Removable Frying Basket with Cool Touch Handle” and “Frying Basket Drawer.” The basket will be placed on the drawer and you have to place the raw food materials.

Now take a look at the upper part of the fryer as there are two important options. Immediate above the handle you’ll see the temperature knob. You’ll have the option to set temperature from 175 Degree Fahrenheit to 400 Degree Fahrenheit. Immediate above this knob you’ll get the timer knob and using this knob you’ll be able to set the timer up to 60 minutes.

The food placing system of this fryer is quite easy, just you need to press on the release button and place the raw food materials on the fryer basket. After that, close the basket or make it return to the previous position.

Then set the timer and temperature. But keep in mind you’ll have to set different timers and temperatures depending on the nature of the cooking function. Suppose for Air Fry, the 350 Degree Fahrenheit temperature and 10 to 15 minutes time are recommending. On the other hand, for Onion Rings (frozen) 400 Degree Fahrenheit and 12 to 18 minutes are recommending.

What attracts the users mostly?

Several sides of this fryer attract almost all the users of it. So you can enjoy these features while using this one. In this stage, we’re going to show some of those features.

Safely using

This is one of the durable fryers in comparison with the other ones. You’ll see a handle attached with the fryer basket for making the opening procedure of the basket convenient. “Cool Touch Frying Basket Handle” is available in this fryer for safe use.

In addition to that, a release button is here for opening the basket by just pressing on it.

Easy using options

This fryer doesn’t contain so many options or functions. You will find only two necessary options that are timer and temperature. That’s why you’ll not have to face any complexity in using this fryer.

But that doesn’t mean that you’ll not be able to cook different foods using this fryer. You’ll surely be able to make different tastier & crispier foods using different times and temperatures.

Getting rid of the oily mess

“1500-watt Circular Heat Technology” is using in this Bella Air Fryer Manual. It is necessary for ensuring that the hot air will be circulated inside the fryer, while the cooking function is running.

It is helpful for reducing the oil and unnecessary fat from the foods placed inside. This procedure will provide you healthier output, and in addition to that, the cooking procedure will be much faster.

Fit for every place

It has been mentioned earlier that the dimension of this one is 14.17 x 11.42 x 13.19 inches. The weight of it is 9.73 pounds. You may place this fryer at any corner of your kitchen. This one will not occupy spacious spaces like other fryers. Parts and materials of this fryer are dishwasher safe. For that reason, you may also place it in watery places too.

Final verdict

This best air fryer has contained all the improved features in it. It is true that it doesn’t contain so many cooking functions. But you may cook different delicious foods.

Here are some food examples like Cheese Sticks (frozen), Hot Dogs or Sausages, Donuts, Fried Cookies, etc. Rather the cooking procedure will be comparatively easy for you using this fryer. If you want to enjoy all these in one “BELLA (14538) 2.6 Quart Air Fryer” is for you.

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